Power And Love Conference

Kendall and I went to a Power and Love Conference in Boise, Idaho this past week/weekend.  We got back Saturday night and I had to sit down and write some of my biggest takeaways from the conference, because it was amazing! This conference was unique because we had sessions where we heard from speakers but we also had sessions where we were called to live out what we were learning. I am a visual learner so I learn best through the application process. I enjoyed listening to the speakers but I really liked going out and praying, loving and giving to others.

If you have never heard of the  Power and Love school before,  I will  include a link at the end so you can read about them! This post is not sponsored in anyway, I just really believe in what they are doing and wanted to share it in case someone else would want to look into going to either the school or a conference.

Tom Ruotolo is the founder of Power and Love.  He has teamed up with Todd White and his ministry to teach/be an example of how Christians should live daily. They are passionate  about getting into the word as well as equipping the church with the tools needed to expand God’s Kingdom.  One of the most important tools that they teach on besides God’s word, is the Holy Spirit. 

I could write a whole book on what I learned but I will start with just a few points 😉

1)If you want to know Jesus’s voice and follow Him you must, must, must be in His word daily and carve out time to be alone in His presence. It’s necessary to go to church but if you don’t spend time with Him on your own, you will be going to church to be fulfilled or searching for fulfillment in others but only Jesus can fulfill you. Essentially, I shouldn’t be going to church to receive but rather to give from the overflow that Jesus has given me.

2) We should desire the gifts of the spirit. We practiced with words of knowledge and trusting the Holy Spirit when he gave us a word or an impression and Jesus blew me away when we went out to love on people. He gave me words for 7 different people and they were all accurate!!!! Jesus sees and cares for everyone! I have heard it a lot but it’s so different when you see it firsthand!

3) It’s different when you start suffering for Jesus’s sake because all of the sudden it’s no longer about you. It’s about the people that Jesus wants to reach.

4) Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and what He is telling you to do because you have no idea what’s on the other end of the command. You will only get pieces or impressions of the whole story but Jesus knows the whole story.

5) Church isn’t only about getting people planted (although this is very important). It’s SO much more than that. It’s about equipping others to become the church not only inside the four walls but also outside of the four walls. It’s about getting them to see that every day is an opportunity to bless people, pray for people and love people. It’s about getting alone with the father every day, hearing his voice and leading others into a lifestyle, a lifestyle where we live and breathe Jesus.

6) Do you think God intended for us to wait until we get to heaven to experience Him and what He can do? No! He wants us to bring His Kingdom to Earth so people can experience it now and realize that they want His kingdom for eternity.

7) People want Jesus. So, it’s on us when we misrepresent Him. It makes sense that people don’t want the Jesus that we claim to have when we don’t represent Him well. I guarantee that if we act like Jesus and let the Holy Spirit/Bible be our guide more people will desire Jesus.

8) When you start to see others through the eyes of Jesus,  you realize that no one is hopeless or too far gone. Everyone is priceless.

That’s all! If you have been to a Power and Love conference before, let me know! I would love to hear what you learned from it! 🙂

Also, here is the link that I promised: